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Men are choosing to freeze their fat in greater numbers. Coolsculpting, a non-surgical fat freezing procedure that permanently reduces fat, has become an increasingly popular procedure for men. They are drawn to Coolsculpting because it offers no downtime and does not require incisions or surgery.

What is Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting uses patented fat freezing technology to freeze fat cells to the point that they can no longer survive (a technical term called cryolipolysis). Once the fat cells are frozen, you body is then able to break down each fat cell and eliminate the products from your body in a slow and natural process over the period of several weeks to a few months.

Is Coolsculpting a surgical procedure?

No. Coolsculpting is non-surgical, does not require incisions, needles or medications. It involves special applicators that are placed on areas of excess fat. Once the applicators are in place, suction is activated and the excess fat it pulled into the applicator and cooled to a temperature that targets only fat cells. This cooling can take as little as 35 minutes with most of the applicators and up to 75 minutes with one of the applicators.

What is recovery like after Coolsculpting?

Typically, there is no down time after your Coolsculpting treatment. You will have areas that might be swollen and sore. Bruising is possible but not as common. On rare occasions, an area can be sensitive enough that we would prescribe a topical numbing medicine to help ease the discomfort.

What areas can be treated with Coolsculpting?

Because most of the applicators require suction to engage the fat, the best areas for treatment are areas in which fat can be pinched. We routinely treat the neck area (submental fullness), arms, upper and lower abdomen, inner and outer thighs, love handles, back and bra-line. Our staff has advanced training and are dedicated to advanced treatments of areas that may not be offered at less trained facilities.

Netflix and Chill

We have a high definition TV in our Coolsculpting room that offers Netflix for your entertainment. It puts a new meaning to the word Netflix and chill! In addition to watching Netflix, our patients will read, sleep, do work and more. Many ofour patients are busy professionals seeking to impact and improve their body with Coolsculpting, so it is not uncommon for a patient to have a phone conference while undergoing treatment.