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How are those weight-loss resolutions going? If you’re off to a rocky start, it’s early enough in the year to still be working out the kinks. You’re finally back in the swing of things with work and school, possibly even playing a little catch up.  You’ve been good on your diet, but honestly you’re tired tonight after work and “can’t even”. Quick trip to Publix? Absolutely not, too many people. Roast up some vegetables? You don’t have 45 min to wait to eat! A quick trip through Chick-Fil-A? Well, now that is something we can get behind. 

Does this sound like a typical end of the week for you? If so, you’re not alone. It’s always our best intentions to cook our meals at home, but we understand the immediate satisfaction of a chicken sandwich or the ease of a drive thru. In fact, busy schedules are one of the top reasons we choose quick takeout meals. However, these meals are often high in calories and high in processed foods, not coinciding with your weight loss plan for 2020. So, put the french fry down! I repeat, PUT. THE. FRENCH. FRY. DOWN!

New plan: how does coming home to a home-cooked meal within minutes of walking through the door sound? No, it’s not the in-home chef we’re never going to afford. It’s all your meal prep work. Meal prepping can be a delicious and easy way to keep up with your weight loss journey, even on those days you “can’t even”.  Modern grocery stores now make meal prep even easier, with veggies already washed and cut, meats that have already been seasoned and are ready for the grill, and even the in-store demonstrations that have the entire meal ingredients in one place for your convenience. If you’re on the fence about it, here are some benefits to prepping your weekly meals ahead of time:

  • Money saver- purchasing food at the grocery store to make your own meals at home can save you thousands of dollars throughout the year
  • Reduce stress- finally an answer to the ultimate question “what’s for dinner?”
  • Nutritionally balanced diet- know exactly what you’re eating since you will be picking the ingredients
  • Saves time- it takes far less time to quickly heat up your meal at home or office than wait in line for someone to ask “do you want fries with that?”

There’s no right or wrong way about meal prepping. That’s the beauty of it. Adjust to your family’s dietary needs or family traditions (taco Tuesday). Make it as specific or general as necessary. You can even make it a family fun day each week to plan your meals and work together to make everything.  We believe in you and know you’re going to make great strides this year. So, start your Pinterest board and get planning! After all, Dr. Gayoso always says that the ‘best plastic surgery’ for body contouring is weight loss and meal prep is the first step!