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How much is Coolsculpting?

The cost of Coolsculpting is the most frequently asked question we get at GayosoCool. It also happens to be one of the hardest questions to answer because with Coolsculpting, one size does not fit all! What we mean by that is that each individual treatment for CoolSculpting is tailored to the patient and the goals […]

Let’s talk about fat!

Fat is something we all have in common. Fat for you, fat for me, fat for him and fat for her! (See fat can be fun sometimes, just kidding). But, did you know there are different types of fat in your body? Yes, there’s the pinch-able fat you can see in the mirror and then […]

Prepping for Success

How are those weight-loss resolutions going? If you’re off to a rocky start, it’s early enough in the year to still be working out the kinks. You’re finally back in the swing of things with work and school, possibly even playing a little catch up.  You’ve been good on your diet, but honestly you’re tired […]

Coolsculpting for Men

Men are choosing to freeze their fat in greater numbers. Coolsculpting, a non-surgical fat freezing procedure that permanently reduces fat, has become an increasingly popular procedure for men. They are drawn to Coolsculpting because it offers no downtime and does not require incisions or surgery. What is Coolsculpting Coolsculpting uses patented fat freezing technology to […]

Fitness Boredom

We’re getting to the end of the year. You’ve been diligent on your fitness goals this year. You did the morning run before sunrise. You did the at home exercises and the treadmill after work. Some weekends you even did a lap or two in the pool. You did the work guys! But with only […]

(H)ydrate (2) (O)ptimize results

We’ve all heard it, “your body is made of mostly water”. It’s true. The human body is made of 50-65% of water. Staying hydrated is part of a healthy lifestyle. It’s important for regulating body temperature as well as essential to the function of cells, tissues and organs. This becomes vital in the recovery process […]

Hormones – Estrogen or Testosterone?

We’re just a little obsessed with fat! Almost everyone seems to have a problem with where they keep their fat, and we’re not talking about which shelf to put the extra tub of butter. We’re talking about where your body chooses to store adipose (fat) tissue. It’s a common misconception that the more you exercise […]