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Men love Coolsculpting. Here’s why: Coolsculpting is non-invasive…it’s not surgery and it has no downtime, so it fits into what a guy wants and expects from a plastic surgery practice. Coolsculpting works. It permanently reduces unwanted fat in areas that guys struggle with; love handles, belly fat and man boobs. Coolsculpting has no downtime; a guy can get treated and return to work, working out and his regular routine without missing a beat. Coolsculpting is not surgery; no incision means no explanation to ‘what he’s had done’. Confidentiality can be a concern. Coolsculpting is performed in the privacy of our office and we offer the utmost confidentiality with all of our patients.

At Gayoso Plastic Surgery, we put the chill in Netflix and chill: our Coolsculpting treatment rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art high def TV’s and Netflix. Coolsculpting adds the chill component: we can freeze fat while you binge watch your favorite shows.

Trying to maximize your time? Our office has complimentary Wi-Fi to allow our clients to work in privacy while undergoing a fat freezing treatment with Coolsculpting.

With more than 20 years in the body contouring business, Gayoso Plastic Surgery remains the ideal place to undergo non-surgical body contouring with Coolsculpting.

Here are some typical conversations that we have with our male patients:

“I work out and eat right and I still can’t get rid of my love handles”

“I wear a beard because I don’t like how fat my neck looks without it”

“I could never have surgery because I don’t want girls to see incisions on my body”

“I can’t take time off work to recover”

Guys: does this sound familiar? Can you relate? The great thing about this is that Coolsculpting is a perfect solution for these issues. For the fit guy who is dedicated to the gym and eats right yet still have fullness in the belly or love handles: Coolsculpting is perfect for this area. The neck and jawline region respond well to Coolsculpting too. Since, Coolsculpting is non-surgical, there are no incisions and there is no downtime. A perfect combination for the man who is venturing into self-care for the first time.


From Dad Bod to Rad Bod!

If we say dad bod, you immediately picture a father with several kids of varying ages hanging all over him and pestering him to play games, watch TV or go for ice cream. It paints a vivid picture, right? You may also picture a guy who has some extra fullness hanging around his stomach and hips and clearly looks like a dad. The sad part is that guys can get a dad bod even if they don’t have any kids. The good news is that Coolsculpting offers a non-surgical option for reducing fat in the abdomen, hips, neck and any area that has pinchable fat. Coolsculpting does not require incisions or have any down time either. Treatment times start at 35 minutes and we have multiple machines which allows us to treat two areas at one time. That means if love handles are causing you frustration, we can DualSculpt™ you in 35 minutes and you can return to your regular activity immediately. We want you to be proud that you’re a dad but without having to sport a dad bod.


Ditch the Double Chin!

You gotta love social media and all that it offers. From funny memes to keeping us in contact with family and friends…Social media is the best and we all love it. But what we don’t love, is the double chin that selfies have introduced us too. Coolsculpting offers a solution to the double chin selfie and guys are taking advantage of this amazing non-surgical option. Treatment times of 45 minutes allow for a quick return to regular activities and without the need for surgery or incisions, Coolsculpting of the neck region is a perfect option.


Banish the Belly Fat!

Belly fat…ugh! We’re not talking about that big beer belly. We’re talking about pinchable belly fat, typically in the lower abdomen, and for guys, this type of belly fat drives them nuts. Good news, we can freeze your belly fat. If it’s pinchable, most likely it’s freezable.


Lose the Love Handles!

Who started calling them love handles anyway? No one loves them, especially not guys who have them. Coolsculpting is a perfect treatment to help reduce love handles permanently. With Coolsculpting, we can target the pinchable fat along the waistline and create a more sculpting looking waist. Treatment times of 35 minutes allow our male patients to get treated without any down time. Most patients will watch Netflix on our smart TV, work or even sleep.

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