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We all want to look and feel our best, especially women. Getting to the point where we love how we look, which then makes us feel great, can be difficult. Much of how we view ourselves is based on how we look: you hate your thunder thighs, you never wear short sleeve clothing because you have those dreaded bat wings or frustrating bra fat and have extra fullness in areas on the body, (regardless of how large or small that fullness is) still influences how we see ourselves. We hear you and we have a solution: Coolsculpting. Coolsculpting, the world’s #1 non-invasive, permanent fat-reducing procedure can have a positive impact on body shape and thus improve how women see themselves.

Coolsculpting is not about weight loss…it’s about fat loss. Fat takes up space, making clothing tight and uncomfortable. If we can reduce the number of fat cells, your clothing will fit better, you will feel better about yourself and you may even appear to have lost weight. At Gayoso Plastic Surgery, we see thousands of patients yearly, many of whom struggle to lose fat. As a full-service plastic surgery practice, we are skilled at assessing the body and can offer you the best procedure to get you to your overall goals. Often, that procedure is Coolsculpting.

Is there a typical Coolsculpting patient?

Not really. Every person is different, and every person struggles with different areas on their body that are just not responding to diet and exercise. We call that resistant fat: you know what we’re talking about; the fat the just won’t go away despite all your hard work and effort. It can be your thigh region (is there even an exercise that spot treats thighs? We’ve not found one yet). Or maybe you have bra-blems; those pesky areas of fat the poke out above your bra in the arm pit region or on your back above and below your bra strap. What about those dreaded grandma-like bat wings (some people call them ‘lunch lady arms’). Regardless of your pet name for them, fullness in the arm region is frustrating and can be difficult to reduce by diet or exercise. Coolsculpting can reduce all these areas, and does not require surgery, has no downtime and is relatively painless. We say relatively, because there is some discomfort both during the treatment and in the days following treatment. Fortunately, this discomfort is short lived, well tolerated, and rarely requires you to alter your normal daily activities. On rare occasions, if the discomfort persists, we can offer some relief with both topical and oral medications that help to shorten and lesson any unusual discomfort. It’s important to us that we be transparent with what you can expect with your Coolsculpting treatment.



Do you have bra-blems? Those pesky areas of fat or fullness that peek out above your bra in the armpit region? What about fat rolls above and below your bra strap on your back? Bra-blems are the worst. Coolsculpting is perfect for these areas. The fat puffs above your bra (we even have a cute little name for that annoying fat) can be treated in 35 mins, making this area a perfect lunch time procedure. With no downtime, you can return to work, school or your normal daily activities immediately. Add the back bra-line fat and in a single afternoon, you are well on your way to solving your bra-blems once and for all. Freezing fat to treat your bra-blems in the answer to your struggles.


Thighs don’t lie

Inner and outer thigh fullness can be so frustrating. It seems as if no diet or exercise targets these areas with consistent results. Coolsculpting can freeze unwanted inner and outer thigh fat. At Gayoso Plastic Surgery, we have multiple Coolsculpting devices and can treat both thighs simultaneously, which is commonly called DualSculpting™. Let us help you rid yourself of those annoying thunder thighs.


Jeans too tight

Have your favorite jeans gotten too tight? Are your trusted boyfriend jeans pushed to the back of your closet because you can no longer get them zipped up? Tired of the muffin top expanding over the waistband of your jeans? Each of these problems results from too much fat and fullness in the midsection. For women, and as they age, this problem can be so frustrating. In the past, liposuction has been the surgical options for reducing fat in these areas. Since it’s clearance by the FDA in 2010, Coolsculpting is the best non-surgical option for reducing unwanted fat. As a leading plastic surgery practice dedicated to staying on the forefront of body contouring, we have invested in Coolsculpting fat freezing technology for more than 6 years. With latest generation of applicators, we can attain maximum results in the shortest amount of treatment time.


Skinny Fat

Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? We have more and more patients that are fit, eat well, exercise diligently and STILL have areas of fullness on their body that they do not like. They consider themselves to be skinny fat. It might be a small pouch on the lower tummy or fullness in the hips. These are common areas that lead our patients to call themselves skinny fat. Coolsculpting is perfect for them and can treat these resistant areas with great success.


Selfie Syndrome

Social media and the selfie have catapulted neck fullness into the limelight. The selfie has created a host of folks unhappy with fullness in their chins. Coolsculpting is perfect for this area and can offer contouring along the jaw line for a slender, more youthful appearance of the neckline.

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